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Sand mill working principle

Author: Date:2012-3-26 11:42:45

a kind of horizontal continuous production of ultra fine particle dispersion machine, its operation method is the use of high viscosity pump such as a diaphragm pump, gear pump, a dispersing wetting treatment of solid - liquid phase mixed material input host grinding groove, the grinding groove filled the grinding medium, by dispersing blades high speed rotating grinding medium, given sufficient kinetic energy, and being dispersed material solid particles in impact and shear stress, resulting in more intense collision, friction, shear, speed up the fine particles and the dispersion of aggregates. Through the special separation device. Will be dispersed material and dielectric separation from the discharge port. Suitable for high viscosity of fine size produce grinding. Such as paint, ink, dyes, pigments, cosmetics, pesticide, electronics, paper and other raw material dispersion.

Horizontal milling machine for the main features: the machine is advanced in design, and closed continuous production, product grinding and dispersing fineness uniformity, good quality, high production efficiency. Material in the closed state of production, effectively preventing the material dry crust and solvent evaporation. Double mechanical seal, dual protection, zero leakage. New dynamic separation structure, discharging more carefree, but less wearing parts with the outer cylinder mobile dismounting support, convenient disassembly, repair. Feed pump adopts a gear pump or pneumatic diaphragm pump, feed size, convenient adjustment, reliable work performance. The horizontal sand mill without special mounting base, can at any time according to needs to change the installation location.

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